Affiliate Informaton


Congratulations, you have been approved to be an affiliate of The Forex Trading Coach. This allows you to earn a very handsome 30% commission on the sale of my course. You can now log into the Nanacast website to view details of your affiliate tracking links – click here to view now


If you would like to use some professionally made banners, please click here and download and use any banners from the Dropbox file.

Below is a video showing how you can re-direct visitors to any page within my website.

To do this you need to use:    (the page you wish the link to point to. Ensure you use the ” = ” sign after the ?redirecturl )

But replace the areas in red with your own details: affiliate link/?redirecturl=// page you wish to link to.html

Affiliate Banners

View and download a variety of banners which you can use to promote the course – click here