Absolutely perfect, this is exactly what I had been looking for!

After having done similar mistakes as a lot of people over the last 10 years (thinking that the stock market exchange is a gold mine, loosing a few thousand euros taking big risks with very little knowledge of the actual business) I thought it was time for a change so I started to read a lot about forex on the internet.

I found this market instantly captivating, and after gaining some basic knowledge, I started to look for someone to guide me in the right direction.

What I was looking for was a profitable trader who would help me to learn the important rules about forex trading and how to be profitable by sharing his experience with me. And this is exactly what you get from Andrew (and so much more).

A lot has been said already about the (good) quality of his course notes, the video courses and the actual trading system. What I would like to point out, is how quickly Andrew answers to all of my emails. It’s just incredible how much personal attention you get from someone who surely must be very busy!!!

Another very positive point is that Andrew shares his daily trade suggestions with you every day. This is not meant to be a signal service, but it does help me to a) learn to see the signs of a potentially profitable trade and b) actually make money while I’m learning.

I can’t afford to give up my day job (yet) but I can still trade the forex market by following his trade suggestions in the morning before going to work (I live in Europe); this takes me about five minutes every day, and I hope that soon I’ll be able to also trade the shorter time frames during the day which Andrew teaches us to trade as well.

I’m really glad I took the decision to purchase his trading system; thanks Andrew for helping a dream come true!