4.6% Account Gain Per Month for 69 Months

In this video:
00:30 – Traditional methods of making a return on your capital are not working now
01:10 – Bank rates are negative in some Countries
01.56 – A massive +0.05% Interest Rate Gain is effectively going backwards.
02:30 – Daily Trading Suggestions make +4.6% per month gain on average.
03:35 – Learn and Earn at the same time
04:50 – What is this knowledge worth to you?
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You can’t rely on the banks or traditional investment methods to make a good return on your capital any longer, so let’s talk about that and more right now.

Hi Forex traders! Andrew Mitchem here, The Forex Trading Coach. Welcome to video and podcast episode #198.

Traditional methods of making a return on your capital are not working now

In today’s video and podcast I’m going to be talking about why you cannot rely on banks and the traditional methods of making a return on your capital any longer. You just cannot do it, and there’s things you need to do to change because- You think about banks. Traditionally a lot of people were making 5, 6, 7% per year on their savings in a bank and some people could survive like that. They’re happy like that, you see it as quite a safe investment. The bank’s not really or probably shouldn’t sort of go under. Your money should be safe. It’s a reasonable return for no risk.

Bank rates are negative in some Countries

But that’s a number of years ago now, and just to illustrate that we’re getting bank interest rates around the world dropping all the time. In some countries they’re now negative.

To highlight that fact I’ve just received a letter here from Lloyds Bank in England where I still have a bank account. It’s my very first bank account when I was a child. They’ve said on here that my annual interest rate, my gross interest rate before tax is going to go from 0.25 and the 8th of December this year they’re going to reduce it to 0.05%. That’s gross, that’s before any tax or fees et cetera. 0.05%. Luckily it’s a positive, but it may as well not be. That’s just not exciting.

A massive +0.05% Interest Rate Gain is effectively going backwards.

As an example, if for some reason you wanted to have £100,000 with Lloyds Bank in this account, I can’t like it, after the 8th of December, they’re going to pay you a massive £50 in interest, that’s gross, in a year. On a $100,000 account. That’s just mad. There’s just no point in having your money there because by the time you adjust for inflation et cetera, it’s just- it’s going backwards isn’t it.

Daily Trading Suggestions make +4.6% per month gain on average.

What can you do about that? Well of course as a Forex trader to me for cash flow and for higher returns, Forex is the obvious answer. Just to give you some examples if you had copied my daily trading suggestions, as a member and as clients and as so many people do, from January 2011 through to today at only half of 1% risk per trade. That’s 69 completed months. If you’d risked half of 1% on each of the trades that I post you would have been up 315% on your account today. That’s with monthly compounding, so at the end of the month you take your total and your compounding that with .5% risk. 315% in those 69 months, it works out an average of 4.6% gain on your account per month. Now that’s from doing nothing else than just a five minute a day job for copy paste exactly what I say. You take all the winners, all the losers, et cetera. Five minutes a day.

Learn and Earn at the same time

That’s the simple side of things, but as I’m posting that information not only of course am I putting it out there for myself and for my clients to earn from. From the client’s perspective it’s a learning tool as well. Because it’s all well and good to say I’m going to copy and paste Andrew and make 4.6% average per month just from one time frame chart. That’s fine. The important thing that my clients get out of it, it’s the ability to see the charts and the ability to train themselves and educate themselves and to give themselves knowledge to be able to take those trades for themselves. On the daily charts exactly as I do, but all of the time frame charts. They could be looking at weekly charts, they could be looking at four hourly charts, fifteen minute charts, whatever suits. Don’t forget that that information and those figures that I’ve quoted at 4.6% return on average per month for the last 69 months, that’s just from one time frame. That’s just the trades that I take and post. That’s got nothing to do with all the other time frame charts that they see, that clients can see and take.

On top of all that, it’s the knowledge to be able to do that for yourself, against- across any time frame, any pair, any currency, even any other market.

What is this knowledge worth to you?

How much is that worth to you? What’s that knowledge, that power worth to you to be able to do that for yourself? That’s really what your decision comes down to. If you need or want to get yourself educated. To get you on a- to give you a sort of heads up and a bit of a start.

Get started with my free course – click the link below

Click below this video and you’ll see that I’ve put a link through to my free engulfing candle strategy. Free to get onto. No credit card needed, nothing like that. You’d have instant access within two minutes from right now. Get onto that if you haven’t already done it, and see like the basic strategy, the engulfing candle strategy, and that in itself will make you some money. If you want to go further and get the full course of my daily ongoing help and mentorship, that’s entirely up to you.

Once again, have a think about those other investment opportunities. Just have a think about that if you did nothing else in the last five and a half years then just logged into my website once a day for five minutes to place your trades, copy paste, put them on, leave them, very, very, very low risk per trade, 315% return on your account since January 2011. That’s quite unbelievable, but it is very very true and accurate also. It’s unbelievable when you compare it with traditional investments. 4.6% per month to some people might not sound much but you just got to think about that over that long-term with compounding, and what an amazing result and achievement that is, but wouldn’t you like to do that for yourself?

Once again this is Andrew Mitchem, The Forex Trading Coach.