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Contract & Agreement

TO ALL PERSONS, be it known, that this private agreement and contract is by and between the Purchaser of product provided by The Forex Trading Coach Limited. Hereafter known as the Client and: The Forex Trading Coach Limited (Company), Located at: 51a Poplar Lane, Hamilton, 3284, New Zealand. Hereafter known as the Company, hereby Agreed to the following Terms Conditions and Obligations of this Agreement and Contract.

WHEREAS: The Company has spent years trading in the Forex market and thousands of hours in research and development of a Trading System (which includes a Method of using various trading tools in conjunction with each other) to help one to make trading decisions and protect trading capital (including but not limited to chart templates and various indicators).

The Client acknowledges that such knowledge is valuable and recognises such as the product of The Company and that The Company is entitled to just compensation for making this knowledge available to The Client. The Company and The Client agree that while the entire Trading System is being made available to The Client for his or her personal private use and access to course notes/material, daily trading suggestions and live webinars is granted, permission is not granted to The Client to copy, sell, market, give away, distribute, publish, post, share, teach, or transfer any of the materials, templates, indicators, videos and/or any methods of using the Trading System to other parties, as doing so would cause damage to the Company in the form of loss of sales, exposing of The Company's private information and trade secrets and that such action would constitute a damage (tort) against the Company.

Legal Disclaimer

Forex trading, or any form of trading has large potential rewards but also large potential risks. The Client must be aware of those risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the markets. Don't trade with money that you, the Client cannot afford to lose. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on the website, in any video or webinars, in the course notes, on any email or within any other trading education material provided. The past performance of any trading methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results. Trading involves high risks and you, the Client can lose a lot of money. Neither the Company nor any of its employees are responsible for any trades you, the Client take. All trades taken are entirely at the Client's own risk.

Course Software

The software provided by the Company is coded specifically for the Client's own trading account. To request the software be coded to a new account, please send an email to the Company at: [email protected] with your new account log in number.

Daily Trade Suggestions

The Client accepts and agrees to the following 8 conditions.

1. The Company will provide recommendations on a daily basis as and when possible.
2. The recommendations will be posted in the members area of the website.
3. The trades will only be based off the D1 (daily) charts.
4. How you, the Client decide to manage the suggested trades is left to your discretion.
5. The Company reserves the right to stop the service at any time.
6. Neither the Company, nor any of it's employees hold any responsibility for the financial result of any trade you take from using the recommendations.
7. Under no circumstances can the Client pass on their log in details or trade suggestions to a third party. The log in ISP address of each client is tracked.
8. If the Client feels that their log in details have been disclosed to a third party, then the Client will contact the Company immediately to inform them of the breach and to obtain new log in details.

Does The Company Offer A Money Back Guarantee?

The Company (or it's employees) cannot guarantee the future, hence the Company does not offer a money back guarantee. No one knows what the future holds and the markets may change. The Company is selling an educational trading course that is knowledge based. Once taught to the Client, the Client can not give it back. Since the Client can not give back what has been taught to them by the Company, the Company is under no obligation to return the money paid by the Client to receive the course.

A 12 months subscription to the Daily trade suggestions, the Forum site and the live fortnightly “clients only” trading room webinars is included upon purchase of any Forex Trading Coach Course. Additional subscriptions for these services (access to receive the Daily trade suggestions and attend the live fortnightly “clients only” trading room webinars) can be purchased in blocks of 3 months or 12 months segments. You will be sent an email within 5 working days of your 12 months subscription expiry date asking if you wish to purchase additional subscriptions. You can choose to re-subscribe at anytime. All credit card charge enquiries should be sent to [email protected]

The name that will appear on your credit card statement will be “The Forex Trading Coach”

Special Offer 20% Guarantee Course Conditions

The 20% return guarantee applies to the performance achieved from the Daily Trade Suggestions as published on the Clients Login area on the companies website. The trades will be placed as per the strategy employed by the company and the company has the right to change the system at any time. The performance date applicable for the individual client is for the 12 calender months following the date of purchase. The client acknowledges that in order to fulfil the conditions of this guarantee, if the 20% return is not achieved by the company within the 12 calender months from the date of purchase, the client will need to request a refund within 4 weeks from the end of the 12 month completion date otherwise the refund offer is void. This offer and conditions only apply to clients who purchase the product, “The Successful Trader System: 20% Return Guarantee” product.

Agreed upon purchase day as stated on the Invoice/Receipt. All parties agree that by clicking the “I agree to the terms and conditions” box to proceed to the payment page, a copy of this “Contract & Agreement” is valid as an original signature and document.

Trade Copier Service

The Trade Copier Service is an independent service that has no bearing on The Forex Trading Coach or any of it's employees. The service is offered to those who wish to purchase the trade copier on a monthly basis as a subscription. The Forex Trading Coach and it's employees are not responsible for any monetary losses that may occur through the trade copier, either as a result of trades taken or software/technology errors. If you purchase the Trade Copier service, you do so accepting these terms.


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