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Currency Trader & Forex Mentor

Hi, I’m Paul Tillman– a full-time statistician, Forex trader, and Forex mentor/coach. I began my trading journey back in 2005 in a hotel conference room where the promises and compounding profits spreadsheets enticed me to join the world of Forex.

Little did I know that 95% of the courses, robots, signal services, promises, guarantees to be able to quit your full-time job, were all wildly wrong. After a hefty initial investment the company folded in 18 months and I was left with little to no education. What followed were periods and cycles of being excited about trading and then getting away from it. I had decided in 2015 that either I needed to press forward somehow to be profitable or to just give up entirely.
I was sitting at a Starbucks coffee shop when I clicked on a YouTube video from Andrew Mitchem. I loved the way he traded with price action and kept watching video after video. The clear and concise way he explained the Forex market in all facets was intriguing. After spending several weeks trying to find a red flag (everything and everyone prior had many of these) I decided to email him a few times and after a few more weeks in April 2015, I became a client of his. After falling into some old habits and correcting those, I was completely 100% into the system and low and behold began to be profitable.

A little over a year into the course I was profitable but just did not have the capital to live full-time off trading. I contacted Andrew and wanted to do more and become involved to a higher degree. After being a moderator for our Forum site, in March of 2017 I came on in a part-time role for The Forex Trading Coach. This involved running a US session webinar every other week, writing daily trades on a weekly basis, being a moderator for the Forum site, and answering questions/emails for hundreds of clients. Andrew came over to the East Coast of the US and we did live training for the first time in the US in NC and Washington DC and it was a success. I had become the US/North America representative for The Forex Trading Coach. Now, Andrew and I work on a daily basis together with all areas of the company and I could not be happier. Working with an honest business guy who does right by all his clients and who knows the Forex market inside and out as well as being profitable and one who can teach anyone is rewarding and has fulfilled one of my career goals.

When I am not trading Forex or helping the hundreds of clients that join each year, I spend time with my lovely wife Cindy and our two precious kids, Arianna and Austin. Whenever there is any time left over, I travel some and love to play music (keys and bass), as well as enjoying anything related to tennis and NC State University, where I hold Bachelor and Masters degree in statistics and advanced analytics respectively.

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