Mikalai Surynau

Currency Trader & Forex Mentor

Hi, I’m Mikalai Surynau – a full-time Forex trader, and Forex mentor/coach. I began my trading journey back in 2012, exactly one year after I arrived to the UK.

I teach The Forex Trading Coach strategy in the UK, to individuals or to small groups.

The Forex Trading Coach website and full membership site is available in Russian.
Mikalai teaches the course to our Russian speaking traders.

My first introduction to Forex trading was back in 2012, exactly one year after I arrived to the UK. I did not have any financial background, nighter I have economic or mathematical degree of any kind. And because of that – I always believed that I don’t stand any chance in this business… BUT….. This technical analysis thing – was the drive that pushed me into this battle. Very soon I
had my wrong ‘aha’ moment and said to myself “I can learn this easily myself as everything freely available on the internet, and there is so much information about it’. Perhaps you know what happened??! I became a consumer machine, learning hundreds of indicators, strategies and trading methods. I was trying all of it on the live market, changing parameters, systems, algorithms
etc… I spent 2 year for literally doing and seeing it all and in the end the results were ZERO. The more I was learning the more I was confused about it. I was all over the place with my trading and without any kind of structure. There was one thought of disappointment and believe that I wasted my time. These two years of frustration were very important to me as I finally understood that I need get a professional help and quality education if I want to pursue my trading carrier and achieve any
results. Another cycle started – one course and one educational program after another…


BUT… There was a problem… All of the courses were missing something… this was either proper support, lack of money management tutorials or complete ignorance of trading psychology. As a result my trading wasn’t improved – it actually became worse. At some point I felt like ‘I know it all’
and became very cocky. You probably know what happens next – the market punishes you right away… I don’t want to mention all educational companies that I’ve gone through here in the UK, but very soon I felt like all they need is my money as they were losing any interest to myself very quickly after I purchase one of their products. I was very lucky to spot Andrew Mitchem’s videos on YouTube in 2014 and registered for one of his free webinars for experienced traders. I realised that in front of me was a real Pro trader and what he was offering to myself in terms of education was completely different to all of those courses that I’ve already gone through. I saw that mental support from Andrew during the webinar and after exchanging a couple of emails I builded that trust towards Theforextradingcoach. I liked the fact that I can interact with professional trader, attend live webinars to see what Pro trader is doing to achieve great results and learn from it. I immediately have taken the action and enrol into the program. The experience and support were outstanding, It has changed the way I think about trading and look at price action.


It was one of the best decisions I made in my entire life as it gave me enormous opportunity for additional income and time freedom. As everything good in life takes time, the same was for me after I joined Theforextradingcoach. Initially I started trading live, I rushed things, although Andrew is clearly saying in the course to slow down and make sure that you understand everything before you start trading with real money. I got burned out without really  knowing what I was doing, opening too many positions and in the end realising that I was just ignoring the rules of the strategy completely. I decided to change my gears and study course tutorials very thoroughly using only Demo account for my trades. I saw Andrew successfully trading Forex market and I saw that success in other student stories… This gave me that psychological push to pursue this until the end no matter what. It was beginning of 2015 when all my had work started to paying me off and I saw that slow steady income. It was completely different to what I thought. My trading became boring, less trades but better quality ones, less time to spend in front of my computer, longer timeframes – all of this led to bigger profits. All of this was achieved because I had a proper continues support from Andrew Mitchem even months after I enrolled in the course. The support was provided either through live webinars or direct contacts.


My last three years were very good in terms of results, I continue to trade longer timeframes (primarily daily charts). This gives me a lot of free time to spend with my family and friends. Istarted helping other traders to achieve the same results as a lot of my friends and relatives wanted to do what I’m doing now and I understand based on my experience how import this support is. My results and dedication to the whole process of trading became even better after I started helping others. It gave me a chance to talk to likeminded people and build a community of great friends that I did’t have at the time when I arrived to the UK. Trading can be very boring if you are trying to pursue this on your own. It’s very important to have that support behind you and at the same time enjoy other beautiful things in your life. I even kept my logistic business up to now and helping other companies with their movements of goods across the globe. It gives me a pleasure to communicate to different people and helps me to distract myself and my mind from the market

when I need it. Trading longer timeframes opens the whole lot of opportunities and brings great
balance to your life.
If you still catch yourself on the thought of whether you should try to learn this fantastic Forex
market or not, then my advise would be – YES, definitely.

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