Free Risk Calculator

A simple and free tool that ends your anxiety and turns you
into a confident, informed trader!

Ever felt scared to “push the button” on a trade? It means you are risking too much.
This is a one-way ticket to blowing up your account.
But here’s how to end the fear and become a data-driven, profitable trader…
Simply download my FREE “Risk Calculator” from this page and you’ll start trading with the clarity and confidence all successful traders have.
The ‘Risk Calculator” is a simple piece of software that tells you:

  • The risk of every trade you make.
  • The exact percentage of your account that’s on the line for each trade.
  • The accurate position size you need to take on each new trade.

I use it for every trade I make, and so should you.
If you know your risk, you control the trade.
So… Ready to trade without fear?

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