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Hi, It’s Andrew Mitchem, The Forex Trading Coach.

I’d like to thank you for attending my webinar, “From Frustrated To Profitable in 60 Days”. You will now be able to join my course through the special offer and guarantee that I talked about on the webinar. This offer is not available anywhere else.

To join all you need to do is click on the “Click Here to Buy Now” button above. After entering your details, you will then be asked to complete your payment using either your credit card or by Paypal.

You will then be re-directed to the membership registration page and within 5 minutes from now you will starting the course.
Remember that I am including:

  • Unlimited access to the Training Course, the Trading Software, the FAQ and Help Desk and Email access to myself.
  • 12 Months Subscription to view my Daily Trade Suggestions and Daily Strength and Weakness Analysis.
  • 12 months Subscription to attend my Live Trading Room Webinars and all the Past Webinar Recordings.
  • Then on top of this I am offering you the Amazing 20% Return Guarantee or Your Money Back. That’s right, if you don’t make a 20% Return or greater on your trading account over the next 12 months just by taking my Daily Trading Suggestions, then I will refund your entire course fee. That return is 5 times more than my bank are paying in 1 year!

Why am offering a 20% Return Guarantee?

Well I’m so fed up with hearing about people spending a lot of money on other courses, systems, robots and books that simply do not deliver. I want to put my money where my mouth is and offer you not only a fantastic trading course but a performance guarantee with it.

To take advantage of this offer, click on the “Click Here to Buy Now” button below and you’ll be logging into the membership site within 5 minutes from now.

I look forward to helping you become an independent and profitable Forex trader.
Happy Trading!

Find out more about my forex course