I joined Andrew’s course at the end of June 2022, and posted a first enthusiastic review here after only three weeks had passed. Now, almost 9 months later, I am even more impressed than I was already then:

1. The System
Andrew has created a trading system which can only be called a work of genius. It provides a framework which works over all time frames, all market conditions, all currency pairs (or any other trading instrument provided by FX brokers, such as commodities, indices or cryptos) and all account sizes. – and that without having to spend hours in front of a computer looking at chart (I spend no more than 30-45 minutes total daily in two sessions (morning and evening Japan time). Clear rules for entries, profit taking and stop losses, as well as comprehensive guidance for a professional risk management are provided.

2. The Training
An excellent video course, provides an in-depth learning experience as a basis to master the whole system. It is accompanied by weekly live webinars with over two hours of live trading, discussion of past trades and full of practical trading wisdom (all recorded and available without expiry on the membership site). In addition, the “Daily Trades” page on the membership site is an invaluable source for ongoing guidance and training education, provided every morning by Andrew, allowing to trade alongside Andrew and learning from his extensive commentary.

3. The Tools
TFTC has created an impressive number of top-notch software tools which allow the implementation of professional trade management and complete ease of use of the MT4 or MT5 platforms. Just one example, the tools make it a breeze to allocate the same percentage risk of account equity to every trade, irrespective of currency pair or trading instrument – an extremely important part of risk management, which otherwise is so difficult to achieve in forex trading. Another example is a tool which allows the almost automated analysis and placing of trades according to the TFTC methodology. Some of the tools have to be purchased for an additional fee, but the cost is negligible and the utility is more than worth the money,

4. The Support
The quality of the support and the dedication of the team is bar to none. Whether trading or software-related. all questions are answered in an extremely fast, thorough and personal manner.

5. The Commitment
The commitment to customer service and to integrity is unsurpassed. Just one example: I encountered occasional difficulties with the use of one of the software tools mentioned above, which were due to a unusual technical restriction of my then-broker, as we learned later. After having invested many hours of work dedicated to finding a solution of the problem by Andrew and his team, Andrew reimbursed the full amount I had paid for the software (which basically worked fine!) – without me even having asked for a reimbursement. He then even had the creator of the software add a specific parameter to deal with the restriction which was peculiar only to that broker, and which only occasionally caused a problem. In a nutshell TFTC not only teaches a highly profitable FX trading system, but also provides the best customer service I have encountered so far.