Forex Trading Signal Copier

One of my top students has started running his own auto-trade signal service. In fact, for the signal service, I’ve allowed him to manage some of my money.
My client is called Paul Tillman and he lives in North Carolina, USA.
Paul started my coaching course in March 2015 and since then, he’s developed into an excellent Forex trader.

Why I am promoting Paul?
Well, he’s proven to be such a good trader, I think you could benefit.

Are you struggling with your trading or do you lack the time to trade?
I’ve set up a live account with my own money and Paul is trading it alongside his own accounts.

He’s applying my low risk trading strategy on every trade he takes.

You can take advantage of having your own account auto traded by having the same trades placed automatically on your account.There’s no work needed on your behalf.
Once you have your account setup (a 5 minute job), that’s it – you’re good to go.
No EA’s (robots) to install, no leaving your computer on, no VPS needed – it’s all done automagically!
Have your MT4 account auto traded 24 hours a day
Paul Tillman is a very successful coaching client of mine from the US who has set up his own Forex account copier service.

Advantages of the service:

  • Your account is traded automatically with every trade that Paul takes.
  • No Virtual Server (VPS) to purchase, no need to leave your computer running and no software or EA’s to install.
  • You can continue to manually trade your account if you wish to.
  • A one time 5 minute setup process and that’s it.


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