Forex Reviews: Reece Stiller from Hamilton, New Zealand

Reece Stieller: Hi! I am Reece Stieller, I'm a progammer at frontier and I live in Hamilton, New Zealand. I sort a just going to forex last couple of years and did Andrew's course and I'm really enjoying it.

Andrew Mitchem: Did you have any other sort of trading experience part of doing the course, Reece?

Reece Stieller: Not really, I was just self-taught just [INAUDIBLE] website and stuff like that. It's a money in a managed funds and went not too well. So I pulled my money and just started to learn a bit more and it sort of when I came across your course and sort of. “Yeah, back at the start of the year” and I have been did ripping into it that and you're really enjoying it and starting to do quite well of it too.

Andrew Mitchem: Good! So was it just a case of you realize you want to trade for yourself rather than managed funds and then you look for education.

Reece Stieller: Yeah, I sort a was trying to learn myself but I was always going around in circles and not really, didn't really have any confidence or direction. So it's sort of why I saw, just come across your website sort of by accident. “Oh, he's a local guys. Hey look at all the testimonials and stuff. [INAUDIBLE]. I'll give it one more shot.

Andrew Mitchem: Yeah. Have you find the course so far?. It's quite a while not since you started.

Reece Stieller: It's really good. I like, I think webinars and the ongoing support from yourself and the like, the things you do every day trying to improve it. Like hey [INAUDIBLE] all that support forums and try to make that trading room webinars instead of question base webinars. Basically when I was in the daily recommendations because they sort something helps see so much I sort of try and pick them. I think everyone does tries and fix them I mean. So I get better picking them and then eventually you start putting the same ones as your self and taking extra. Going well in the extras and stuff.

Andrew Mitchem: Good, and you're finding that it works in well with everything else you try doing in your life, work and social life?

Reece Stieller: You know, its always good. When I first started, I was a little bit [INAUDIBLE]. Right, And it's rough. So I developed part of a strategy where a I thought I like to take long term now and just dailies and weeklies and if it's fit well living in New Zealand and stuff in the morning I can do it at lunchtime and then have a sort of social life when I get home and go [INAUDIBLE] things are I was doing. Now it's also may how can you trade just make good money just working half an hour a day.

Andrew Mitchem: Fantastic! And when you take your money, you're finding results nice and consistent nicely are profitable.

Reece Stieller: Yeah, I'm sort of making a little bit quite a while and then you look a few months ago. That's sort of went all of a sudden I was starting to do quite well. Last week, I had a really good week. I made almost 16% last week.

Andrew Mitchem: In a weak? And that's a live account?

Reece Stieller: Yeah, it's a live account. I've got a 5000 dollar account at moment but I'm pretty keen to go a bit bigger. You know, I was just sort of getting my confidence and stuff. And yeah, next year probably and I look at maybe like 20 or something.

Andrew Mitchem: Now you've had enough time to realize you can do it properly.

Reece Stieller: Yeah and sort of about the inspire up after watching the webinar last night and seeing the size of your account and stuff.

Andrew Mitchem: Well, it's you know when they can't get up a reasonable size it doesn't take long to compound it up to bigger numbers.

Andrew Mitchem: Training goals, long term, Reece?

Reece Stieller: I'm just I'm sort of quite happy where I am at the moment and I'm just going to keep sticking to my strategy that will soon fill up using your course. I just go from there, but I think. In the next few years, I probably making so good money. Not to sure, what‘s going to with my life.

Andrew Mitchem: Yeah. You keep getting better and go well.