Forex Reviews: Michael Su from Auckland, New Zealand

Forex Reviews Andrew Mitchem: Hi! This is Andrew Mitchem, The Forex Trading Coach. I’ve got Michael here with me today. Hi Michael!

Michael Su: Hi Andrew! How’s it going?

Andrew Mitchem: Great, thank you! Michael, can you just give us an introduction and let us know about yourself please. Where you live? What you do?

Michael Su: Well, currently I’m in Auckland, just moved up here probably about 6 months ago for a job. I’m currently a lab technician just straight out earning, working. 

Andrew Mitchem: Okay, thank you. Can you let us know about a brief history regarding your forex trading experience prior to taking my course.

Michael Su: I haven’t had that much trading experience like — Your course was the first education in forex I really did. I mean I look out of the box and looked at a lot of other online courses. Which went that really helpful. They just quite confusing and quite technical, but I found out your course was quite straightforward and easy to follow. 

Andrew Mitchem: Thank you, so after doing that research yourself, you then had the opinion that you needed some forex education.

Michael Su: Yeah, they gave me different ideas and strategies you could say, but there weren’t really helpful for beginner. They don’t actually seem to work, they just seem to be rubbish.

Andrew Mitchem: I know exactly what you mean. What made you decide to take my course, Michael?

Michael Su: I had a friend called Reese Stiller, he did it and he found it quite helpful. So I decided, what the heck, I’ve been trying to understand forex for quite a long time now. So, I decided to give your course to go and see how it went.

Andrew Mitchem: How do you find it so far?

Michael Su: I found it to be amazing! It was really easy to follow. I understood the fundamentals of forex and most importantly, I’m making profits.

Andrew Mitchem: Well, that’s the good part, isn’t it. That’s the main thing. Any favorite parts of the course?

Michael Su: I suppose making profit and being able to see improving everyday and thanks to the webinars. I was learning new stuff.

Andrew Mitchem: Any long term trading goals that you have, Michael?

Michael Su: Well, hopefully, I wanna become like a full time trader so does lots more forex skills a bit more and see where can take me. I definitely don’t want to be working full time the rest of my life.

Andrew Mitchem: I can understand that. So, since you’ve taken the course which at least 6 months ago. You find it profitable and you’re actually making money on a real account.

Michael Su: I’m actually considering, next year, maybe trade full time and see how that goes.

Andrew Mitchem: Excellent! I wish best of luck with that. All right, thank you

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