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Weekly Video List


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2016 Videos

October 14, 2016
#199: Don’t Give Up On Your Forex Trading

October 7, 2016
#198: 4.6% Account Gain Per Month for 69 Months

September 30, 2016
#197: Only Good Practise Makes Perfect

September 23, 2016
#196: Which Time Frame Chart Should You Trade?

September 16, 2016
#195: How To Avoid Analysis Paralysis In Your Trading

September 9, 2016
#194: Is It Really Possible To Make Money As A Forex Trader?

September 2, 2016
#193: Make Hay While The Sun Shines

August 26, 2016
#192: Flat Market Conditions are Difficult – How The Charts Can Help

August 19, 2016
#191: How to trade in 10 minutes a day or less

August 5, 2016
#190: The advantages of using the Weekly charts

July 29, 2016
#189: Get Free Access to My New Forex Course

July 22, 2016
#188: Is Forex Trading Right for You?

July 15, 2016
#187: Future proof yourself and why it really matters

July 8, 2016
#186: Amazing trading conditions with big trends

July 1, 2016
#185: The Brexit and Trading News Events

June 24, 2016
#184: Consistency is Key to Your Forex Success

June 17, 2016
#183: Are you limited on available time to trade?

June 10, 2016
#182: Structuring Your Trading Day

June 3, 2016
#181: Have you been trading too long to quit now?

May 27, 2016
#180: What does it take to become a full time Forex trader?

May 20, 2016
#179: What Indicators should you use to trade Forex?

May 13, 2016
#178: Keep Your Trading Simple

May 6, 2016
#177: The Danger of Complacency

April 29, 2016
#176: How do you pay yourself as a Forex Trader?

April 22, 2016
#175: 3 Quick Questions To Help You Succeed as a Forex Trader

April 15, 2016
The Importance of Trading Psychology

April 8, 2016
Fantastic Opportunities to Profit from Buying the Yen

April 1, 2016
How do you know the best Forex pairs to trade?

March 18, 2016
The Best Way To Learn How To Trade The Forex Market

March 11, 2016
How to protect your open trades

March 4, 2016
How to cope with losing trades

February 26, 2016
Forex Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Trading

February 19, 2016
What to look for when choosing a good Forex broker

February 12, 2016
Do you measure your Forex success in Pips or Percentages?

February 5, 2016
This is why having a trading plan is so important

January 29, 2016
Andrew Mitchem interviews client making 24% per year

January 22nd, 2016
What trading information do you need to know? – Andrew Mitchem talks Forex

January 15th, 2016
Andrew Mitchem’s tips for trading successfully in 2016

2015 Videos

December 11, 2015
Clients amazing trading results with Andrew Mitchem

December 4, 2015
How to trade high correlated Forex pairs

November 27, 2015
Using limit orders to get in the Forex market at a better price

November 20, 2015
Should you use a Stop Loss?

November 13, 2015
Tips on entering the market at a better position

November 6, 2015
Why over-trading can be harmful to your Forex success

OCTOBER 30, 2015
How To Keep Your Forex Trading Stress Free

OCTOBER 23, 2015
Can a trading strategy work in the long run without curve fitting and over optimizing?

OCTOBER 16, 2015
Why Forex trading is one of the best things to learn?

OCTOBER 9, 2015
Should you use a trailing stop as a Forex trader?

OCTOBER 2, 2015
Making 6.3% on the beach in the South of France

SEPTEMBER 25, 2015
How do you trust your Forex trading plan?

SEPTEMBER 18, 2015
How big a stop loss should you use when you’re trading Forex?

SEPTEMBER 11, 2015
Which time frame charts should I look at?

Do you need to take a bigger risk to trade a higher time frame chart?

AUGUST 28, 2015
How To Best Use Limit Orders And Set Up a Live Account in Forex Trading

AUGUST 14, 2015
Forex Trading Should Never Be A Race

AUGUST 14, 2015
Do win rates really matter?

AUGUST 7, 2015
How to Manage Open Trading Positions?

JULY 31, 2015
How much does education cost?

JULY 24, 2015
How do you cope with a series of losing trades?

JULY 17, 2015
Why I Hate Fridays As A Forex Trader?

JULY 10, 2015
Don’t let a few bad trades ruin your trading account

JULY 3, 2015
Why It’s Important To Understand What The Charts Are Telling You

JUNE 26, 2015
Can Back Testing Really Help Your Forex Results?

JUNE 19, 2015
News Trading: How To Do It And What To Expect From It

JUNE 12, 2015
Why Trading Forex Beats Being a Farmer

JUNE 5, 2015
What’s the difference between a Trading Strategy and a Trading System?

MAY 29, 2015
Why do so many people give up Forex Trading?

MAY 22, 2015
Do You Need To Be Good At Maths To Be a Good Trader?

MAY 15, 2015
How to trade a small account

MAY 8, 2015
Trading Forex is all about Achieving Results

MAY 1, 2015
Are You Afraid of Losing Money with Your Trading?

APRIL 24, 2015
Becoming a Great Forex Trader – Learning from Japanese Culture!

APRIL 17, 2015
Are you Trading the Right Pairs or Just the Ones Closer to Home?

APRIL 10, 2015
Why chasing Pips can harm your trading

APRIL 3, 2015
Achieving a consistent 2% account gain per week

MARCH 27, 2015
Can the small trader really win at Forex?

MARCH 20, 2015
How to trade Forex when you are short on time

MARCH 13, 2015
When is the right time to join the party?

MARCH 6, 2015
Where You Should Place Your Stop-Loss, and Why

FEBRUARY 27, 2015
Take Charge of your Financial Future

FEBRUARY 20, 2015
When Trading Forex, Account Size does not Matter

FEBRUARY 13, 2015
Graft and Dedication Fetches Great Returns!

FEBRUARY 6, 2015
Technical Trading or Fundamental Trading – What works for you?

JANUARY 30, 2015
Update on the Forex Markets from London, England

JANUARY 23, 2015
How Safe is your Money with your Current Broker?

JANUARY 16, 2015
One trade makes more money than keeping your savings at the bank for a year

2014 Videos

DECEMBER 12, 2014
Your Trading Plan For 2015

DECEMBER 5, 2014
Free Forex Trading Information from a Trading Giant

NOVEMBER 28, 2014
Technical Indicators – Do they really work?

NOVEMBER 21, 2014
Are You In Search of The Holy Grail of Forex Trading?

NOVEMBER 7, 2014
Big Moves, Big Trends and Better Trading Conditions

OCTOBER 31, 2014
Understanding Leverage, Margin and Risk In Forex Trading

OCTOBER 24, 2014
Currency Strength and the use of Bollinger Bands

OCTOBER 17, 2014
Understanding How The Forex Market Works

OCTOBER 10, 2014
Why You Need A Backup Plan When Trading Forex

OCTOBER 3, 2014
Why not looking at your account balance can be beneficial to your Forex trading results

SEPTEMBER 26, 2014
Why Having a Good Forex Mentor is Critical to Your Success as a Forex Trader

SEPTEMBER 19, 2014
Popular Forex Trading Questions

SEPTEMBER 12, 2014
The Top 5 Forex Questions That I Get Asked

It’s Bad News for Savers and Good News for Forex Traders

AUGUST 29, 2014
7 Reasons Why I Only Take a New Trade at the Completion of Each Candle

AUGUST 22, 2014
The Amazing Power of Compounding and Using it to Your Advantage as a Forex Trader

AUGUST 15, 2014
Why it’s Important to Stick to a Set of Rules when Trading Forex

AUGUST 8, 2014
Which Currency Pairs I Trades and Why

AUGUST 1, 2014
Why Do We Need Volume and Volatility in the Forex Market?

JULY 27, 2014
6.7% Gain and The Importance of Trading Forex with a Broker Who Has a 5pm EST (New York) Start of Day

JULY 18, 2014
Exceptional Return of 1% per Day

JULY 11, 2014
How much are you worth per hour?

JULY 4, 2014
“Going Solo” From Demo to a Live Account

JUNE 27, 2014
Do You Need A Forex Doctor?

JUNE 20, 2014
The Key Ingredients Needed To Be a Successful Forex Trader

JUNE 13, 2014
When is the best time to trade Forex?

JUNE 6, 2014
Why I Trade With The Main Currency Strength and Weaknesses Each Day

MAY 30, 2014
Trade Forex and Forget Savings in the Bank

MAY 23, 2014
The Importance of High Reward to Risk Trading and How it can make such a Huge Difference to Your Overall Trading Performance

MAY 16, 2014
Why I Trade Forex Using Limit Orders

MAY 9, 2014
Learning to trade Forex is no different from learning how to fly a helicopter

MAY 2, 2014
Don’t break your own money management rules

APRIL 25, 2014
Why It’s Important To Trade Multiple Timeframe Currency Charts

APRIL 11, 2014
Some of The Biggest Forex Trading Mistakes -and How To Avoid Them

APRIL 4, 2014
Don’t Confuse a Trade with a Big Stop Loss with Taking a Big Risk

MARCH 21, 2014
Fantastic Forex Trends Lead To Big Profits

MARCH 21, 2014
Amazing Forex Results +6.2% for the Week

MARCH 14, 2014
When Trading Less Can Be More

MARCH 7, 2014
2.75% Forex Account Gain During A Live Webinar

FEBRUARY 28, 2014
A Live 4.8:1 Reward:Risk Trade

FEBRUARY 21, 2014
Is It Worth Paying For Forex Education?

FEBRUARY 14, 2014
A +3.5% Gain For The Week

FEBRUARY 7, 2014
A Warning for All New Forex Traders – Plus Job News Predictions

JANUARY 31, 2014
The State of the New Zealand Economy and how it affects us as Forex Traders

JANUARY 24, 2014
Forex Tips and Advice of How to Manage Your Stop Loss

JANUARY 17, 2014
The importance of reading technical charts for your Forex trading success

2013 Videos

DECEMBER 6, 2013
Why High Risk:Reward Trades are so important for your long term Forex success

NOVEMBER 29, 2013
A conversation on a plane and how that relates to Forex trading

NOVEMBER 22, 2013
Trading the Daily Charts when on Holiday or at Work

NOVEMBER 15, 2013
Forex Trading Results – What everyone is after

NOVEMBER 8, 2013
How much do you really want to be a Forex Trader?

NOVEMBER 1, 2013
Why live trading room webinars are such an important part of learning how to trade Forex

OCTOBER 25, 2013
Two Excellent Ways In Which You Can Refine Your Trading Entries

OCTOBER 18, 2013
What is the best time frame chart to trade Forex?

OCTOBER 11, 2013
It’s time to Think like an Investor in order to be a Profitable Forex Trader

OCTOBER 4, 2013
Here is my trading plan, do you have one for yourself?

SEPTEMBER 27, 2013
Some tips that will help you become a successful Forex trader

SEPTEMBER 20, 2013
Why having a good trading plan is such an important part of becoming a successful Forex trader

SEPTEMBER 13, 2013
How to spread your risk when trading Forex

Are You Spending Too Much Time Watching Your Charts?

AUGUST 30, 2013
Do You Have The Correct Mindset To Be A Good Trader?

AUGUST 23, 2013
How You Can Trade Less and Make More

AUGUST 16, 2013
Exhaustion Candles – Why you should look for them and how they really help you with your trading.

AUGUST 9, 2013
Why You Should Avoid Trading Into These Price Levels

AUGUST 2, 2013
It’s Time To Trade What You See and Not What You Think

JULY 26, 2013
Trading Continuation Patterns and The Summertime Blues

JULY 19, 2013
Profit Targets and How To Manage Them

JULY 12, 2013
A Simple Way To Manage Open Trades

JULY 5, 2013
High Reward:Risk Trading

JUNE 28, 2013
Don’t Pay Your Broker

JUNE 21, 2013
How To Trade Continuation Patterns and Reversal Patterns in Forex Trading

JUNE 14, 2013
It’s All About The Japanese Yen Strength

JUNE 7, 2013
Here’s how Andrew Mitchem made a +9% gain on his account this week

MAY 31, 2013
The New Zealand Dollar bounces at 0.8000 against the USD

MAY 24, 2013
Three percent in just two trades this week. Here’s how to do it!

MAY 17, 2013
Discover the beauty of trading Forex on the daily charts even if you are on holiday

MAY 10, 2013
US Dollar Strength Continues

MAY 3, 2013
A fantastic week of trading with a +4.2% account gain

APRIL 26, 2013
Lunch with the Prime Minister – an ex-Forex Trader

APRIL 19, 2013
Have a Trading Plan and look for a Confluence of Events

APRIL 12, 2013
Why You Should Use A Forex Broker Who Uses 5pm EST (New York) As The Start Of Day

APRIL 5, 2013
Time for Gold and Silver to rise?

MARCH 29, 2013
I Want To Work Till I Die?

MARCH 22, 2013
The Cyprus Issue and Market Gaps

MARCH 15, 2013
Don’t Trade All Day & Keep Yourself Fit For Trading

MARCH 11, 2013
Looking for Exhaustion Candle Patterns

MARCH 1, 2013
Great Trade Results with Full Profit on the EUR/USD Sell Trade

FEBRUARY 22, 2013
The New Forex Peace Army “Giant”

FEBRUARY 15, 2013
Trading Short on the GBP plus Daily Strengths & Weaknesses

FEBRUARY 8, 2013
Why You Need a Backup Plan when Trading Forex

FEBRUARY 1, 2013
How much would you like to earn this year from trading for just 10 minutes per day?

JANUARY 25, 2013
Will the Euro’s strength continue next week?

JANUARY 18, 2013
Amazing results shared by a client of The Forex Trading Coach

2012 Videos

DECEMBER 21, 2012
Forex – The Perfect Gift For Christmas?

DECEMBER 7, 2012
5 trading tips to improve your Forex trading

NOVEMBER 23, 2012
Andrew Mitchem talks about how trading Forex changed his life

NOVEMBER 16, 2012
The Psychology of Forex Trading

NOVEMBER 9, 2012
New Trading Room, US elections and Unemployment Data

OCTOBER 26, 2012
Euro Weakness and GBP Strength

OCTOBER 19, 2012
Daily Charts and 4 Hourly Charts

OCTOBER 12, 2012
Forex Peace Army Campaign and Low Risk per Trade

OCTOBER 5, 2012
US Non Farm Payrolls later today – likely to be below expecation

SEPTEMBER 28, 2012
28th September – The Forex Trading Coach Weekly Update

SEPTEMBER 21, 2012
21st September – The Forex Trading Coach Weekly Update

SEPTEMBER 14, 2012
14th September – The Forex Trading Coach Weekly Update

7th September – The Forex Trading Coach Weekly Update

AUGUST 31, 2012
31st August – The Forex Trading Coach Weekly Update

AUGUST 24, 2012
24th August – The Forex Trading Coach Weekly Update

AUGUST 17, 2012
17th August – The Forex Trading Coach Weekly Update

AUGUST 10, 2012
10th August – The Forex Trading Coach Weekly Update

AUGUST 7, 2012
7th August – The Forex Trading Coach Weekly Update
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